A good idea I had (about buskers)

June 18, 2015 § 1 Comment

hqdefaultI had this idea:

How great would it be if the street musicians you see performing in the subway or in busy public areas let you sing with them live-karaoke-style?! (Answer: pretty great!)

Hear me out.

  • It wouldn’t work for every musician.  It has to be someone who does covers.  And they’d have to be fine just playing and singing on their own; it couldn’t hinge on the event of karaoke.
  • Live Karaoke is already a thing – a popular and very cool thing.  I’ve done it.  It was fun.
  • The transit system (and the street) are venues where, for performers, engagement is already really low; people aren’t there to hear this band or musician.  Defying expectations by engaging a member of the public – both for the person brought temporarily into the band and for casual observers – grabs attention and turns the energy way up by introducing an element of risk.  The performance becomes a special event, not just background noise.

That’s all.  I think it would be a MAGICAL development in street performing if, occasionally, a performance was built to accommodate (but not dependent upon) the participation of passersby.  At the very least, I think some marketing campaign could co-opt this idea to good effect.

You’re welcome!

What’s your latest good idea? Leave a comment! The world need to know!!!


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§ One Response to A good idea I had (about buskers)

  • ceelaurene62 says:

    YES !!!! This is a very good idea. It won’t work with some – you’re right – like those Chinese single-string violin things – or that annoying long-haired pan-flute player who sighs into the mic – but – it could def work with a bunch of ’em! (like that amazing funk/soul band I used to see in midtown … where did they go? — so yes – my good idea that can sync with your idea … make a better way to find and keep up with the subway musicians we like – and let’s get this subway karaoke thing going!


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