The Cones of Dusnhire it’s not, but . . .

October 28, 2014 § Leave a comment

I invented a really fun game over the weekend!

It wasn’t just me. It was me, Bettina and Aliee. But that’s still a third and it’s AWESOME!

It’s the Venn Diagram Game and here’s how it works:
1. Each of two players draws one of the circles of a (two-circle) Venn Diagram and then, without letting the other player see, writes a word in that circle
2. The players reveal their words and then agree together (quickly) on how to label the overlap.
3. Once you get the hang of it, you can add a third player to make a three-circle Venn. That allows you to label the overlaps of each pair of circles AND the area of overlap for all three.

Our version was pretty non-competitive, but it’d be pretty easy, through a rotating judge system (as in Apples to Apples or Cards Against Humanity), speed or some combination of the two, to award a winner each round and play to a number of points.

It kind of reminds me of a nerdier, in-person version of Say The Same Thing which is an app developed by the band OK GO based on a very similar sort of game they (apprently) play togther. (If you want to play Say The Same Thing with me over our phones, send me a message!)

Anyway, try it yourself and let me know what you think.

Maybe most importantly, this SUPER COOL game needs a SUPER COOL name (like the Cones of Dunshire, say). Post your suggestions in the comments!!


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DANGER! Beauty is slipping through our fingers!! (so to speak)

October 18, 2014 § Leave a comment

I am in DANGER of missing these three excellent shows all of which feature talented humans who I know personally and really want to support with both my dollars and my warm body sending them good vibes from the audience.  While I try to work out my overly difficult schedule to see all three before they close over the next couple of weeks, do  yourself a favor and pick even one to go check out:

When January Feels Like Summer by Cori Thomas at Ensemble Studio Theater – closing Oct 26

Presided over by the Hindu god Ganesh, a pair of teenagers become unexpected heroes, an immigrant accountant struggles with visibility, and two stifled romantics begin to stumble toward each other during one strangely warm winter in Central Harlem. When January Feels Like Summer follows five colliding lives as a feeling of change hums in the air and the many flavors of desire saturate the streets and subways and bodegas of the city. These characters learn to do more than meet their obstacles head-on — they discover how to transcend them.

A New York Times Critics Pick!

Bedbugs!!! by Paul Leschen & Fred Sauter at The ArcLight Theatre – closing November 2

What happens when a lonely exterminator – hell-bent on avenging her mother’s bedbug related death – tries to eradicate all bedbugs from NYC?? Mass mutation and mayhem, from an army of human-size creatures out for blood, world domination – and love.  Not since Little Shop and Rocky Horror has a sci-fi musical rocked audiences with such an electric, tune-filled score and over-the-t0p performances!!!

A New York Times and Time Out New York Critics Pick!

Jacuzzi by The Debate Society at Ars Nova – closing November 8

In the Marshall family’s peacefully remote Colorado ski chalet, Erik and Helene are making themselves very much at home. So at home, they just might stay for good. At the edge of civilization, the lifestyles of the rich collide with the lifestyles of the aimless in the bubbling waters of a hot tub.

A Time Out New York Critics Pick!


GO!  And let me know what you thought!!


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(Anti)Social Media

October 15, 2014 § Leave a comment

I have a personal code of conduct for how and what I will post on social media.  My main rule is: nothing negative.  If I don’t have something nice to say, I don’t say it (I’m sure I’ve broken this rule, but I try hard not to).  In general, if I’m posting it’s to inform, delight or entertain.  Occasionally it’s to crowd-source some information I need.  It’s been kind of a rough year so, suffice-it-to-say, I’ve been pretty quiet on the electronic front.

Over the summer, one Facebook friend posted to ask why we actors only post when we have a great audition but never when we blow it and, more recently, another friend posted that she’d had a rough week and that she was sharing to counterbalance all of her more up-beat posts.  And you probably know about all of the articles and essays out there about how much social media can stress people out.  On top of that,  a few weeks ago, my brother sent me this really interesting article about how people are less inclined to engage in discussion about public policy issues on social media AND that social media users are less inclined to have those conversations in real life than non-social media users.

It’s all made me think about the value of the negative stuff.  Where’s the line between sharing something difficult in a way that might help others feel less alone and more able to overcome their own challenges and just complaining?  And, knowing that potential business associates, clients and employers are all able to see what we put out there, what’s the impact of a profile that’s 100% positive vs. one that’s more realistically varied?

How do you do Social Media?  Do you have your own guidelines for what you’ll post?  A mission-statement for how you want your use of Social Media to impact others?  Do you wish people would post more or less about their challenges?  I’d love to know your thoughts.

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“This Is Everything” (in just under seven minutes)

October 8, 2014 § Leave a comment

That’s what I said – “This is everything!” – about two-thirds of the way through watching this Daily Show segment the other night.  I don’t usually post things like this because I see them flying all around the various social media platforms, so I figure, you’ve seen ’em.  But I haven’t seen this posted anywhere and I really do think it’s exceptional.  Segments like this are why The Daily Show keeps winning awards.  This is award-winning work, in my opinion.  OK enough.  Here it is:

[Wordpress won’t let me just embed the video so CLICK HERE to go to the video on The Daily Show’s Website]

Now, here’s the thing: The Daily Show isn’t in the business of Calls To Action and I think that makes sense.  At the same time, this segment is kind of begging for one: we can clearly see how messed up the situation is, but it’s so messed up and across so many issues that it threatens to overwhelm.  So I’m trying to think of the actions I can take – small, manageable actions – to address what The Daily Show is bringing to light here.  What would you do?  What’s your Call To Action after watching this video?

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