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No.  Not me.  My hairstylist.  Next week.

After 18 years in New York (and at least 12 or 13 years cutting my hair), my awesome hair guy is moving back to his home country, Japan.  He’ll be in Tokyo building his own hair styling business.  If you or someone you know is (or is going to be) in Tokyo, I strongly encourage you to look him up.  The world deserves Kenji hair, even if I can’t have it anymore.

Kenji’s website.


“Big Scenes”

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I read this poem by James Richardson in a recent New Yorker and, a few days later, had to stop everything to root through bags and various recycling bins in my home to find it again.  I tore it out and now it’s on my ‘fridge.

I couldn’t find any way/place to link to the poem in a way that anyone can read it – the link above goes to the New Yorker’s website where you need a subscription to read the whole thing, but it’s from the October 14 New Yorker which has a dog on the cover so . . . maybe keep an eye out.  Some doctor’s office or friend’s bathroom in your not-too-distant future is bound to have it.


September Recap

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Wow!  September was a zippy whirlwind which was great and also a little sad since September is my favorite month and I wouldn’t have minded a little more time to luxuriate in it.  Here are most of the things that happened in September:

  • My son started school (and I with him, since he is still very little – I sit on a bench and watch while he does his thing).
  • We went apple picking at this place where I’ve been going for years.
  • I took a great class with Paul Russell
  • I did a really fun reading with Project Rushmore Theater Company.
  • Kevin R. Free and I (finally) finished the most recent draft of our web series; we made ourselves and each other laugh enough that we’re going to start sharing it with some other people because we really want to get it made and out into the world!
  • We visited my husband’s parents in PA
  • I got new headshots!  Then I went to Reproductions and spent even more than I did getting the photos taken on printing headshots, postcards and business cards.  I get to pick everything up tomorrow!
  • I project-managed the invitation for the New York Neo-Futurists‘ 2013 Gala (Nov 12 – go! I’ll be there too!)
  • I got to visit with a friend currently living in Japan and another friend living in New Orleans
  • Took the kiddo to the pediatrician (all good) and the dentist (ditto)!

I just need a minute to catch my breath and then, watch out, October!

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