The Artist Tax

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The Artist Tax

Dave Loehr (@dloehr) who I only know from Twitter posted a link to this essay recently. 

Periodically, the internet will swell with a series of articles, blog posts, tweets, etc. about artists getting paid, not getting paid, “deserving” to be paid, not “deserving” to be paid (usually because they enjoy what they’re doing) and it all makes me a little crazy.  I appreciate what Amanda Hirsch has to say in her post because she’s making the kind of points I don’t tend to see as much in those big internet brouhahas.  They’re the kind of points I’d make and she makes them fairly articulately and concisely. 

(P.S. I’m also really intrigued by her new book, “Feeling My Way: Finding Motherhood Without Losing Myself” which feels like exactly the book I was looking for but couldn’t find when I was pregnant and a new mom and trying to navigate hanging onto my old identity while also stepping into being a mom.)


Vampire Cowboys’ “Geek!”

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Vampire Cowboys’ “Geek!”

Vampire Cowboys have a new show, “Geek!”  Written by Crystal Skillman & directed by Robert Ross Parker, it’s being presented in association with the Incubator Arts Project and runs through April 13.

Vampire Cowboys? Love them.

Crystal Skllman? Love her.

Robert Ross Parker? Haven’t met him in person, but love his work.

Incubator Arts Project? Love. Love Love.

As if that all weren’t compelling enough, Time Out NY gave “Geek!” Four Stars!


“Do We Really Hate Anne Hathaway?”

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“Do We Really Hate Anne Hathaway?”

I don’t hate Anne Hathaway, for the record. 

Also, can “actressy” stop being a bad thing?  Or maybe stop being a thing at all?  Not all actresses are “actressy” and not all “actressy” people act.  Mostly, let’s never use any form of “actor”/”actress” pejoratively, okay? Thanks.

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