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I’ve been feeling really compelled by Bunheads, especially since season 2 started. 

(If you like it too, leave a comment because I don’t have anyone to talk to about it!)


Recommended: “High Maintenance”

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“High Maintenance” is a web series about a pot dealer. It has just begun its second cycle and I stumbled onto it because Michael Cyril Creighton (fellow New York Neo-Futurist alumni and super star of his own web series Jack In A Box), Max Jenkins (fellow Committed Impulse classmate) and Katja Bichfeld (30 Rock casting director who I once met in an Actors Connection workshop she was teaching and thought was SUPER cool) are all involved. Katja is a Co-creater and Executive Producer and Michael and Max star in separate (but equally wonderful) episodes.

You know it’s good because I’m such an anti-drug nerd that the pot-smoking-neighbor episode of Louie made me wildly uncomfortable and yet I’m energetically recommending that you check “High Maintenance” out. It did not make me uncomfortable; it delighted me.

Here is the “High Maintenance” website.

Click HERE to see Michael Cyril Crighton’s episode, “Helen” and Max Jenkin’s episode, “Olivia” (and the rest of the episodes as well).


Recommended: “Tar Baby”

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“Tar Baby” is the newest one-woman show written and performed by Desiree Burch.  It’s currently running off-Broadway at the DR2 through January 19th.

TAR BABY starring Desiree Burch

Here’s the blurb:

Celebrated Huffington Post and NY Magazine comedian Desiree Burch presents Tar Baby – the tale of America’s black & white love affair from shotgun wedding to “post-racial” relationship. Speaking to a growing majority of minority experiences in America, Tar Baby effortlessly weaves games, audiences, laughter and insight in an interactive carnival of Race & Capitalism – where no one’s a winner, but everyone’s still playing!

Backstage just gave it a great review (click to read).

And here’s a fun 30-second teaser.

I haven’t seen this version yet, but I saw an earlier production and it was AMAZING.  I have no doubt that Desiree has continued to grow and improve the piece. 

I’ll be there on Monday the 14th if you want to be my coincidental date.  I am SO EXCITED for Desiree’s success.

Happy New Year!

January 3, 2013 § 1 Comment

The theme for 2013 is EASE.

2012 made me into a goal-setter when I had never been one before.  A to-do list maker? Sure.  An action-item creator? You bet! A deadline setter for accomplishments? Absolutely!  But I had never really set the goals that all of those to-do list and action-items were serving. 

Then I had a baby.  The time that was MINE was instantly in smaller and more discrete bites and goal-setting, naturally and intuitively, was how I dealt with making every minute of that MINE time count. 

The other thing that happened to the MINE time, though, was that over time it became fraught.  On a great day I had four hours to work on my career; more recently a good day is three hours and that’s pushing it.  Soon, as soon as my kiddo was asleep and it was time to work on my to-do list or action items I was increasingly paralyzed by the tension around “I only have a little bit of time! What should I do?! What if I don’t get it done?! What if the baby wakes up?!?!?”  I was wasting my precious time – already in short supply – with tension and anxiety.

So in 2013, my watchword is EASE.  It means working just as hard as before towards my goals but skipping over the extra worry that slows down productivity.  So far, I’m mediocre at EASE, but just having the intention has already made a good difference.

Happy New Year!

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