But what I really want to do . . .

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is act.

Ha. You thought I was going to say “direct,” didn’t you?  Well, although acting is my first love, lately I’ve been having a great time directing and I am very excited to tell you that this Summer I am making my directorial debut with:

What The Time Traveler Will Tell Us
August 4 – 13
Incubator Arts Project
St. Mark’s Church in-the-Bowery
131 East 10th Street
(at 2nd Avenue)
New York, NY 10003

I describe this play as a one-man-show performed by two guys; as Mike Daisey-meets-early-Will-Eno. About time travel.

The writers describe it as “among other things, a live demonstration of time travel. It is the story of a man who breaks through the barrier between universes on a futile mission to cheat death, and of a woman whose reality is fractured by sudden awareness of an event that never happened. It is also the story of a loving grandfather who we might be remembering wrong, two murders (only one of which actually occurred), and, of course, toast.”

Toast is delicious.  If you’re in NYC, I really hope you’ll come see what we’ve made – I think you’ll like it.


Public Service Announcement

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I just found out about Google Art Project.  It’s like Google street view for museums around the world.  Amazing!

. . . worth 1,000 words . . .

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I saw this photo on the most recent Style Rookie post . . . and loved it instantly.  She writes:

This photo from a 1938 issue of National Geographic captioned, “Anne and her family lived alone on an island. She enjoyed having tea time with her friends the spiny lobster and baby hawk.”

I was meant for . . .

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. . . the stage. (You know that song, right? If you don’t, you should. It’s posted below)

Yes, Friends.  I’m in a play!  My character is an Irish lady who’s killed in the Easter Uprising.  In the play, my brother and sister are in Mexico having fled from Ireland in the aftermath of the Easter Uprising.  I appear in flash-backs and as a ghost (woooooo!!).  Also I play the violin which is something I’d not done since the mid ’90’s and something I’ve never done on stage: exciting!  Here are the details:

Dia De Los Muertos
July 13 – 31
Teatro LATEA
At the CSV Cultural and Educational Center
107 Suffolk St New York New York 10002
http://teatrolatea.com/ (follow this link for a synopsis and tickets)

And here, as promised, The Decemberists sing “I Was Meant For The Stage”

4th of July Post #2

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4th-of-July-related things that I love:

Thomas Paine

Abigail Adams

Historic Colonial Villages

Boat Shoes


Food on the grill




Independence Day

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Happy Independence Day, Friends!

I took yesterday off so I’m back to work today – I’m doing some writing for my play-writing class at ESPA, I’ve got a rehearsal this afternoon . . .  Later, in a nod to the holiday, I’ll make dinner for me and my husband and then we’ll go up to our roof and see what we can of the fireworks.

This Summer is absolutely my busiest (hence the lack of blogging) and, arguably, my best-so-far as an artist.  Ultimately, I owe that to my own artistic Independence:  I’ve been lucky enough these past couple of years to really have the time and space to dig in, to improve my craft, to work towards doing more and more work that speaks directly to my interests and passions . . . to do the work of being an artist.  Like I am today.

I was persuaded by Malcolm Gladwell when he told us that the self-made individual is an American myth.  Nevertheless, I feel I owe a lot of my pluck, my drive and my determination to my American roots.  Happy Birthday, U.S.A.!

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