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I have two short performances coming up:

1. On Saturday, May 14 I’ll be performing in a site-specific play called Flier as part of Special Sauce Theater Co.’s series of Flash Plays.  I’ll be by the Chipotle on St. Mark’s.  Check the Special Sauce website or contact me for more exact info if you want to check it out.

2. On Monday, May 16 I’ll be performing in Hard To Love.  There are a number of performances curated into the evening, all of which promise to be charming/entertaining/delightful/awesome.  My piece is a 15 minute piece about a sandwich’s rise to Hip-Hop stardom . . . Can a sandwich survive at the top?  Will I be able to rap and dance at the same time?  Come out to Bar 82 on Monday to find out!


Beep Beep

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I have some exciting news that I’m not quite ready to announce.

In the meantime, i just stumbled across this fun article in the NY Times City Room blog about taxi horns.  Enjoy!

Locker 4173b

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Locker 4173b is the name of the newest and just-0pened New York Neo-Futurists’ primetime show.   That means it’s a full-length play(1) that starts at a “regular” play-starting time(2), written and performed in the Neo-Futurist aesthetic(3).  The conceit of the show is that the two writer/performers – Joey Rizzolo and Christopher Borg – (inspired by an episode of This American Life) bought a foreclosed storage locker at auction and, donning the mantle of modern/urban archaeologists, made a show out of it.  The show is funny and entertaining and thoughtful and poignant.

I’ve seen it twice already and plan to see it again: it’s really good.

Here is info about the show.  If you want a date, get in touch with me and we’ll go together and then we can have drinks and talk about art . . . that’s always fun!


  • (1) “full length” as opposed to short form – like the 30 short plays in 60 minutes that comprise our signature show Too Much Light Makes The Baby Go Blind
  • (2) The show starts at 8:00 as opposed to 10:30 which is what time Too Much Light . . . starts every Friday & Saturday
  • (3) The Neo-Futurist aesthetic is non-illusory.  That means we are who we are, we are where we are, we are doing what we’re doing and the time is now.  Here’s a great essay that explains it all written by the founder of Neo-Futurism, Greg Allen.

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